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We help the helpers

Volunteers’ Help supports volunteers going on humanitarian projects abroad by reimbursing the cost of travel and accommodation. Eighteen or over, healthy and resilient? You might be ideal for an aid project. A lot more help is needed around the world, whether in planned sustainable development or acute aid after a disaster. The world needs more humanity. Volunteers provide the humanity, and we provide support for them.

  1. We support volunteers worldwide in their commitment to humanitarian aid projects.
  2. We make sure that aid projects are sustainable and beneficial.
  3. We connect up volunteers, sponsors and projects beyond the actual aid project.
  4. We are ideologically neutral, and solely committed to the cause and our mission.
  5. As a non-profit initiative, we make sure that donations go straight to the volunteers.

« Our society needs more volunteers – and Volunteers’ Help makes it possible for young and old to volunteer for people in need across the globe. We can only make the world a better and more humane place by acting together. »

Marc Van Der Meer

Founder Volunteers’ Help

Help the helpers

Every amount counts, however small: Aid and humanity reach those places where they are urgently needed.

What we use your donations for

Who we are

Volunteers’ Help is an initiative under development founded by Marc van der Meer and Dr. Martin Spätig:

  • Unaffiliated
  • Non-profit
  • Non-commercial
  • Non-religious
  • Independent
  • Voluntary

The idea originated in May 2016, and now has around thirty volunteers supporting it in a variety of ways.

What we do

Volunteers’ Help collects donations for selected volunteers on projects, and passes the donations directly on to the volunteers without detours.

How it works

Volunteers look for a voluntary aid project organized by a humanitarian aid organization outside their home country, and apply to Volunteers’ Help for financial support in covering their travel and accommodation costs. We sponsor volunteers whose motivation and project meet the qualifications set forth by Volunteers’ Help.

What we plan

Volunteers’ Help aims to inspire companies and private persons alike for a social impact on a global scale that we can all make together by taking an active part, donating, and promoting our aims. We develop and organise informative meetings, talks, presentations, workshops, campaigns, and events to this end.

We have applied for recognition as a charity in Switzerland, and hope to achieve charitable status in early 2018. Another aim is to extend Volunteers’ Help in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Apart from that, we also hope to be in a position to give financial support to fifty to a hundred volunteers in 2018 – or more if possible.

Thanks for

Marc van der MeerVolunteers’ Help founder, passionate volunteer and freelance project manager: "I volunteered on the beaches of the Greek island of Kos for two weeks between Christmas and New Year 2015/16. While I was there, I met lots of other volunteers that had given up their regular jobs, or had taken unpaid leave like me. We all paid for our own travel and accommodation back then to help those in need. The Volunteers’ Help idea dawned on me shortly afterwards during my six-month sabbatical."

Dr. Martin SpätigFounding partner of Volunteers’ Help, Chief Financial Officer of one of the largest health insurance companies in Switzerland: “I volunteer with several local initiatives; as an example, I’m a board member in a non-profit organisation that follows social and environmental goals. I’m happy to put my expertise in finances and strategy into supporting Volunteers’ Help, and to join Marc as his friend in turning his vision into reality."

Clear the way for humanity

Help us bring cultures and religions closer together. Open your eyes and ears to make this world a little more human, and donate if you can.

Drop us a line if you ...

  • have any questions,
  • are interested in joining us in our social commitment,
  • would like to apply as a volunteer,
  • are an aid organisation and would like our assistance.

Keep in mind that we are a small team of dedicated volunteers taking care of all of our responsibilities in our spare time; we’re unable to take calls, and it may take a while for us to respond to your e-mails.